Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Hughie Wilson, RIP

The funeral of former Dulwich Hamlet player Hughie Wilson took place in Ayr, Scotland today. 

Photographer Paul Dennis, for many years an ardent follower of the Hamlet, informed me of the sad news

“Hughie played for Dulwich during the Jimmy Rose era. He was a teacher in Maidstone for many years after his playing career finished. A few years ago he decided to pursue a teaching career overseas and worked in some pretty far flung places like Bangladesh. Whenever he returned to the UK he would always come back to Maidstone and meet up with his many friends in the locality and then head to Scotland to visit his brothers and sister.

Two years ago his health started to deteriorate and he was forced to give up work and returned to his native Scotland to stay with his family.

Hughie was a great character and a very popular person. He often spoke about his times at Dulwich Hamlet, and playing with guys like Eric Allinson and Fred Pudney.

Hughie’s picture was on the front cover of Dulwich Hamlet v Walthamstow Avenue programme on Saturday February 28th 1976.”

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